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Starlink High Speed Broadband Installations

Starlink Speed
Roof mounted Starlink Dishes suit many installations

At Neutron Electrical Solutions, we offer high-speed broadband services that are ideal for remote locations


Starlink broadband packages are perfect for those who require uninterrupted internet access no matter where they are.


Our Wi-Fi and network installation services can help ensure that you always stay connected.

Starlink router delivers High speed internet in even remote locations

With Starlink, you can get high-speed internet with low latency, whether for business communications or watching your favorite shows.


Starlink offers a fast and reliable satellite internet service that delivers 100mps to 200mps. 

Pole Mounted Starlink for areas with obstructions to sky veiw

At Neutron Electrical, we offer a comprehensive network solution service. Our team of experts specializes in Wi-Fi network installation for both business and home use.

We provide free surveys to assess your current setup and offer professional advice on what you need to optimise your network.

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